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#13862535 Sep 20, 2018 at 05:07 AM
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Knights of Dawn is a casual creative guild, special for mature and creative players who wants to have fun in the World of Warcraft.
The concept of the guild is split in two sections, one is online gaming and the other is the social media part.

That saying the online gaming have the focus on HC/Mythic/raiding and being social. And the social part will be combined with a new social media platform called Steemit, where members can share content and get rewarded for it. Those rewards can be changed into bitcoins or US dollars, this will give everyone the opportunity to earn money from gaming.

Expectations from the raiders:
Attendance: 95% for raiders, 100% for trials (Emergencies Happen)
Prepared: Come with your A-game and all consumables required
Knowledge: Of your class and the encounters presented to us
Team Player: Focus on boss kills not loot and your parses, take constructive criticism
Willingness to sit for a better class to be brought in for a kill

Expectations from the social members:
Attendance: make sure you are minimal 2 times a week online
Prepared: Make a account on Steemit and vote on every post what get shared on the guild site
Knowledge: Learn about how to change or sell cryptocurrency and be creative in the game

That saying KOD is different from any other guild, because we want to combine social media and a small economy with the World of Warcraft, and not by selling gold or items. And more in a way by sharing your creativity of WoW and earn money from it. What you can use to pay your WoW game cards or to make a living from it, that is possible with the new social media platform called Steemit.
For more information regard Steemit, just Google it or watch videos on Youtube about Steemit.

For more information contact #Sinzzer or Sarouina!

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